Dealer Listing


1000Crows feat. Sophie Dabishire W8
1698 Queen Antiques B4
20-MOD Retro Shop K5

A French Market M3/4
A Good Eye Antiques X13
A Little Olde V5
A Tick in Tyme G6
Adorn Me by J K2
Adrian Tinline Antiques Z19
Al Holtz Antiques Z14/15
Alexander Antiques K7
Anne's Tiques & Treasures P3
Antiques & Collectible Co. - Welland G7
Antique Allie X2
Antiquités Comme Dans L'temps W3
Antiquity Shop O8
At the Barn Z32
Aubrey's Antiques & Nostalgia A6/7
Audette Antiques Z16
Avenue Art & Antiques L6

Barry Ezrin Antiques & Appraisals I3
BD Salvage X7
Beazley Vintage Finds C4
Bedard Antiques Q6/7
BeezAntiques D5
Begin Again P7
Ben Lennox Antiques X12
Big Chenille Vintage Textiles P6
Big Kev Vintage Z22
Bone Yard Antiques O1
Brad Jacobs Antiques P1
Brian & Greg Matthew S1/2
Brian Buttery D7
Brian Greer's Tin Ceilings, Walls & Unique Metal Work Ltd. U6

Cabinet of Curiosities Z11
Carousel Antiques Z31
Cauchy's Antiques Z5
Chateau Vieuville Antiques S9
Cellar Door Antiques W7
Centruy Old Antiques W9/X9
Chic Shack Antiques & Vintage H1/2
Christine Rumble E2
Colette's Treasures S4
Coppertree Ltd. A9
Connollys Classics Z42
Country Stained Glass V4
cpsburlington V2
Crossroads Antiques Y3
Croydon House Antiques H5
Custom Antiques T5/6/7
Czeslaw Bundy Antiques Z3

D.K. Stewart Antiques/The Brooklin Antiquarian N8
Darlene's Antiques & Vintage X0
David Medcalf S7
Dawn Elston P9
DD Antiques R8
Debbie Lowery U3
Deluxe Vintage S8
Dominique Boulay Advertising & Collectible J2/3
Don Drew Y10
Donna Beasley Antiques L4
Dunlop Livery Antiques A10

Ecclectic Collectibles E6
Eclectic Antiques U4
Eclectic Pelican N1
Ed Haldorsen Y6
Ein's Antiques Z25
Everything RE X3

Faded Days Vintage X11
Faderhouse Antiques C2
Falcon's Way Z27
Flatrock Rapids Antiques U9
Fredericks Persian Carpets R6/7
Fred's Shed of Antiques Z8
Full Recovery Z34

Gary Dawson & Peter Vernon Antiques J5
Gavin Wilson U7
George Brown Z45
Georgian Bay Antiques Z26
Glenn Matthews V9
Glitzy Jools & Antiques P8
Goodbuy Antiques P5
Gordon Buist E4
Gramspantry Antiques V3
Greg Williams Antiques Z17

Harvest Antiques X6
Haute Vintage Paris D2
Heather's Treasures U1/2
High House Antiques K3
Historia Antiques Y5
HRM Crowsnest W11

Ian Drummond Collection Inc. Z40
Ian's Antiques B5/C5/C6
Ivan Dufour Antiques Z1

J. Ferguson Antiques J6
Jackeline Tangness U5
James Lepre I1
Jamie McDougall Z43
Jane Egan Antiques W6
Jasper's Antiques X14
JDC Antiques E7
Jean Lafrance Z46
Jen's Retro Cupboard S5
Jill Guertin A5
Johann Cooper K6
John Barclay Antiques M2
Jo's Vintage Goods N2
Juris Michelsons S3

Kitchener Collectibles R5

La Route Des Antiquiter W10
Lady Luck Antiques & Collectibles V7
Land & Ross Antiques W0
Langford Gallery M7
Le Treson du Village T8
Leaning Lamp Post I5/6/7
Linda Smith O6
Linda Weaver Z12/13
Lindsay Henning Vintage F7
Lionel Aubrey Antiques & Nostalgia Q4
Lisa Williams L7
Little Day Dream Vintage R2
Locke & Mackenzie P4
Logan Antique  R9
LOT 76 T4
Lyons Lane Architectural Salvage Z35

Madame Blanche D4
Makepeace Antiques C3
Maple Glen & Denison Antiques D6
Maple Leaf Antiques P2
Margot McTavish Inc. Z7
Mark N. Taffe world headquarters V1
Martin's Antiques V8
Michael Rowan Antiques Z4
Miller & Miller Auctions Ltd. J7
Modern Hipster Antiques A4
Monika McLaughlin Antique Jewellery J1
My Clementine Vintage M6

Nanny's Antiques G4
Needful Things Antiques & Collectibles Z36
Netty Vintage R3
Nodders D1
Nomadic Vintage J4 L5
Now & Again Z24

Objekts F1
Of Other Times U8
Okey Dokey Antiques B2/3
Old Glitter E5
Old Stuff For You X10
Oldtimer MFG W1
Open Air Antiques Z18

Paard van Troje Antiques W2
Patrick G. Mitro N5
Patrick Polillo Z20
Peter Baker Antiques H6/7
Peter Frampton Antiques T9
Petticoat Lane Antiques A3
Pickin' & Grinnin' Y1
picNic antiques, vintage & salvage K1
Pierre Chaloup X5
Pineridge Country House N4
Pollikers V10

R. Carruth Antiques N3
R. Webster Antiques X1
Rare Book & Print Gallery Z44
Reflections of Tyme R1
Restauration D'Antiquites Shea W14
Reyn Richardson Z41
Rhonda Dahlke's Collections M5
Richard & Diane Antiques O04
Richard Fulton Antiques Ltd. F4
Richard Huxtable Antiques Z21
Rick Chuback Z38/39
Robert Carter X4
Roma Kohutiak E3
Root Cellar Antiques A8
Ross Morrorw Antiques D3
Rusty Bucket Antiques & Collectibles Z2
Ruth Stalker Antiques B6

Salvage Garden Q9
Samantha Howard Vintage K4
Sandra's Place F6
Scott Landon Antiques Ltd. Y4
Sean George Pressed Glass and Goblets A1/2
Selecter Records & Daughter Daughter S6
Sharon Sutton Z30
Sharpie Y8/9
Shop Betty H4
Smiling Dawg Nostalgic Treasures N7
Smith's Creek Antiques Y11
Splurge F5/G5
Square Table Round Bowl F2
Steeltown Salvage Y2
Stefan R. McKey Q1/2/3
Sunny Collectable Z6
Susan's Antiques W5
Susan Atkinson G2

T&B Antiques & Collectibles L2
Taida C7
Talbot Antiques N6
Talbot Trails M1
Tattered & Torn C1
The Oak Man Z33
The Plantation LM8
The Rusty Sign Shop W4
The Vintage Crate Inc. B7
Three Brothers Art L1
Times Past Antiques G3
Top Drawer Vintage Art F3
Touch of Glass Y7
Triple A Antiques H3
Trout Hall Antiques G1

Valley Vintage Z23
Vintage Advertising & Petroliana O2/3
Vintage Echoes Furnishings I2
Vintage Inspired Cottage E1
Vintagesoulgeek O7

Wayne M. Lintack Antiques W12
Webb Antiques Z29
Webster Antiques Q5
Week's End Antiques B1
Whippletree Antiques R4
William Scott Z28
Wilsonville Vintage & Antiques O5

Young's Antiques & Restorations T1/2/3

Zegers Antiques & Design I4

Late registering dealers may not appear on this list.