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Hamilton area:

Holiday Inn Express Stoney Creek, 51 Keefer Court, Hamilton, L8E 4V4, 905-578-1212
Admiral Inn, 149 Dundurn St. N., Hamilton, L8R 3E7, 905-529-2311
Comfort Inn Hamilton, 183 Centennial Parkway N., Hamilton, L8E 1H8, 905-560-4500
Visitors Inn, 649 Main Street W., Hamilton, L8S 1A2, 905-529-6979
Burlington/Flamborough area:

City View Motel, 1400 Plains Road W., Burlington, L7T 1H6, 905-522-2483
Holiday Inn Burlington, 3063 South Service Road, Burlington, L7N 3E9, 905-639-4443
Dundas/Ancaster area:

Glenwood Bed and Breakfast, 42 Osler Drive, Dundas, L9H 4B1, 905-628-8104
Osler House B and B, 30 South Street West, Dundas, L9H 4C5, 289-238-9278
A Tranquility Base B & B, 110 Abbey Close, Ancaster, L9G 4K7, 905-648-1506
Sundown Motel, 1492 Wilson St. W., Jerseyville, L0R 1R0, 905-648-6172

Holiday Inn Brantford, 664 Colborne St., Brantford, N3S 3P8, 519-758-9999
Comfort Inn Brantford, 58 King George Rd., Brantford, N3R 5K4, 519-753-3100

Best Western Cambridge, 730 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, N3H 5L8, 519-623-4600
Travelodge Cambridge, 605 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, N1R 6J3, 519-622-1180